How PR Galleria Campaigns and Fees Work

How PR Galleria Campaigns and Fees Work

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We will get your product at least 5 influencers among these channels.

We work with hundreds of vetted influencers across a variety of platforms that are relevant to your brand. From beauty enthusiasts and fashion bloggers, to general lifestyle influencers, we will run a campaign with people who are genuinely interested in your product. Simply click below which channels you are wishing to receive exposures, and we do the rest!



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Different Types of Exposures

When requesting to receive a beauty or skincare sample, influencers must let us know how they will share the product. Influencers are typically inclined to post a product photo or review, however with PR Galleria you are able to set requirements to suit your marketing needs. Simply click below which type of exposures you would like us to brief influencers on.

Product Review


Competition Giveaway

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Our Commitment

Scale your influencer engagement

Save costs on influencer search

Influencers are vetted

Save time on engaging influencers

Expert campaign management

Samples carefully monitored

Progress Reports

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Our Fee

Each time 5 influencers complete their deliverables, we charge you this fee and start the campaign again until we reach your maximum budget.

* Excludes delivery and courier charges to influencers.
We are able to distribute products to influencers if sent to us, or we can provide addresses to you to post out directly.
** Fee covers core exposures, and does not include media add-ons selected. These will be added to the cost, should exposures be achieved.
Please indicate in additional notes below how many add-on exposures you would be open to achieving.

Terms and Conditions

View our terms and conditions before submitting your campaign.

Campaign Summary

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