PR Galleria Pricing

Our PR Galleria Campaign Builder lets you create an online campaign, and showcases all our offerings and price packages tailored to what you’re looking for. Simply click on each category to see their corresponding package.

Beauty and Fashion

From beauty and fashion bloggers, to general lifestyle influencers, we will run a targeted influencer campaign with people who are genuinely interested in your beauty product.

Food and Beverage

From foodie reviewers, to lifestyle influencers and gamers, we will run a campaign with people who genuinely want to taste test your new launches or latest flavours! We’ll drink to that!


With live coverage online, and curated reviews and posts about your upcoming entertainment shows and events, the right exposure can really make your next shindig the talk of the town.

Restaurants and Bars

We have hundreds of vetted and location specific media, foodies and influencers on our books, who are genuinely interested in trying your food and drinks, and in exchange will post about their experience to their audience.

Technology and Gaming

Whether you’re offering the latest release game title, gadgets, apps, keyboards, mice, headphones or any consumer technology, PR Galleria will put your products in front of the right influencers, media and VIPs.


PR Galleria brings on the best influencers, media and VIPs to book a test drive of your latest premium or luxury car, and have them share their experience across their social platforms.