JAM Gaming by the Numbers

JAM Twitch Network
Number of Twitch Streamers: 230
Combined Twitch Followers: 206,400
Combined Twitter Followers: 82,406
Monthly Average Streamed: 5,000+ Hours
Monthly Hours Watched: 86,000 Hours

JAM Gaming Network
JAM Gaming Members: 1,100
Facebook Followers: 53,000
Twitter Followers: 7900

PR Galleria is thrilled to welcome their latest partner, JAM Gaming.

With JAM Gaming’s huge network of over 230 live streamers on Twitch and 1100 members who love video games and esports, brands will now have access to a highly sought-after group of influencers and engaged millennials. JAM Gaming network’s statistics are equally impressive, in June 2019 their Twitch influencers collectively streamed over 6000 hours of content watched by an audience totalling of 86,000 hours.

JAM Gaming adds to PR Galleria’s impressive database of over 2800 influencers, media and VIP contacts. Through PR Galleria’s alliance with JAM Gaming, brands and influencers are now able to easily collaborate and create engaging content across Twitch and its members.

“As a result of this partnership, brands now have access to the highly sought after, yet increasingly elusive network of online streamers and gamers” Renato Catalan, Founder of PR Galleria ”We invite brands to execute campaigns like product seeding and reviews, event invitations, sales promotion activations and word of mouth campaigns ”

“Our collaboration with PR Galleria ensures that brands can access our vast network of gamers far more effectively. Through a centralised request-based system, the platform puts brands in touch with the right influencers, so that they can share authentic experiences with the products they genuinely enjoy.”, says Chris Bridle, CEO/Founder of JAM Gaming. “We look forward to working with brands to provide our members the opportunity to experience what they have to offer and share the experience. We offer a simple, cost-effective, data-driven solution to the hard to reach millennial audience”.