PR Galleria is an exciting digital communications platform giving content outlets immediate access to sample products and giving brands high visibility with influencers and bloggers in the exponentially growing world of content creators in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Twitch.

Backed by a team with over 12 years’ PR Experience, PR Galleria is the fastest and most efficient way to get products in the hands of those that influence the buying decisions of customers.

The platform acts as a one-stop destination for influencers to request loan products for review but also find important information like product features, press releases, high resolution images, pricing and more. This makes PR Galleria a powerful tool to streamline their work and provides a massive advantage over traditional PR interactions. With products conveniently categorised, a visually striking layout and expertly curated story ideas, even a simple browse of the site can spark the inspiration for a story.

With over 100 products and 20 categories to choose from, PR Galleria is the place to be for journalists to source products fast and the place to be for brands wanting to be in consideration