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(Please keep in mind these are unpaid collaborations, so the range of followers of influencers will depend on the value of your sample RRP. We will still offer it to larger influencers, as you never know who will request!)
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We will ensure we target influencers that suit your brand's profile and needs. Select your preference below so we can curate a specialised list to reach out to for your product/ experience. Keep in mind, casting a wider net will result in more influencer options, and allow us to achieve results faster for you!

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We believe in a collaborative approach for creating brand awareness, so we'll work together with you, by choosing the one that best fits your goals and objectives to make sure you're happy with the results of your campaign!

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(When members receive products, they typically take 1–4 weeks to complete the coverage. This is because they like to test out the products and see results over time.)

Generally though, we usually leave this open as Influencers/Media are not being paid for the collaboration, and it may stop the larger ones from making a request.

Is there any specific conditions you would like to be fulfilled? (e.g., influencer/media shot showing the product or the product being used, social media page to tag, etc.)

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Check out our FAQ page for more information on how PR Galleria runs a campaign.
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