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Discover why our clients trust us with their PR needs. With an impressive track record of successful campaigns, trusted partnerships with global brands, extensive industry experience, and a proven ability to secure media coverage, our credentials speak volumes. We invite you to explore the list below, showcasing our expertise, industry recognition, and commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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Discover why global brands trust us with their PR and marketing needs. With an impressive track record in delivering successful marketing campaigns, trusted industry partnerships, proven ability to secure media coverage, with a database of over 6000 influencers and editors, our credentials speak volumes. We invite you to explore our track record showcasing our expertise, industry recognition, and commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Building a Creative Community for SanDisk Professional Brand

Since the launch of the website in November 2021, the SanDisk Professional Academy has witnessed remarkable growth, attracting 4,281 members and counting.

Using creative professionals as Mentors to contribute to the website, we have successfully collaborated with some of Australia’s most celebrated creators from diverse fields, including photography, software development, film and video, digital content, marketing, music, video games, events and entertainment, audiovisual, and beyond.

The Academy’s creative community has generated a total of 57 articles, 2000+ photos submission, 600+ community tips, 17 mentor videos, and the latest industry news articles, accessible on the website.

Seagate Asia Pacific and Japan Influencer Campaign

When Seagate released a new FireCuda SSD nearly 45% faster than previous generations – Gap made sure the APJ region heard all about it. Sending out product to the top influencers in 12 APJ countries, we received over 106 reviews and social exposures for this launch. Check out some of the awesome YouTube videos and tech reviews below.

WD Animal Rescue Through Photography Campaign

The Gap Agency created a nation-wide campaign to help raise awareness for Australian animal rescue groups through using the power of photography. Coinciding with the launch of WD’s My Passport Wireless Pro and My Cloud Pro, we partnered with influential Australian photographers to professionally photograph over 200 dogs and cats in urgent need of adoption.

Photographs were shared across social and online channels over 6 weeks to help raise awareness and the provided free of charge to the animal rescue groups to help the animals get adopted. In addition, each shelter was provided a $1000 donation. The campaign was capped by a series of videos showing its success and talking about the way the sponsor products were used by the photographers in the field. The ultimate goal was to support shelters in finding homes for abandoned pets while also bringing brand awareness to WD and its range of portable storage solutions.

With the help of the media and the community, the campaign captured a massive audience Australia wide:

  • 2,000,000+ Social Media Reach
  • 1800+ Social Media Shares
  • 150+ Exposures Generated
  • 11 Photography Influencers involved
  • 50+ Media Engaged
  • 3 National Retailers Participating

Editorial Article for Australian Retailers Association

The Gap team facilitating the partnership between Brother International Australia and the Australian Retailers Association, and were commissioned to ghost write an article about Mobile Printers, and the positive effect that investing in the right technology for a retail business, can boost the customer experience as well as sales growth.

For full article, click here.

Facilitating ACS Partnerships

The team at Gap facilitated a partnership between major Australian technology association, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and clients AMD, and Seagate Technology. Through the management and delivery of these partnerships, our clients are receiving prominent exposure to the wider corporate tech community by participating in panel discussions, speaking at major events, taking interview opportunities with media such as Sky Business, and publishing articles through ACS’s digital news site, the Information Age.  These partnerships are part of larger Integrated Communications Campaigns, which includes PR, case study management, and the development of thought leadership.

Seagate’s Star Wars Game Drive Influencer Campaign

To celebrate the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Seagate and Microsoft joined forces to create an Xbox Game Drive, and tasked Gap with building hype around its launch! Gap brought on a number of influencers in the Aussie gaming community to create reviews, unboxing videos and giveaways for their audiences.

Elevating Brother to Reach a Broader Audience

The Gap Agency specialises in working with technology-driven brands, helping them throughout their journey to success. In the past 18 years, Brother is one of the brands we helped grow its markets through media relations, thought leadership, content creation, social campaigns, and influencer marketing. We have worked with them since 2010, managing case studies, interviews, product launches, press releases and video explainers. Consequently, we take part in elevating and expanding their brand to the broader audience and industry.

Our team was delighted to create a series of interviews with local businesses that use Brother’s VC-500W Colour Label Printer and GTX Direct-To-Garment Printer. We listened closely to their stories and recognised their hard work to achieve success. These inspiring stories were published across the various editions of Image Textile Magazine and Brother’s social media channels.

We also worked on a social campaign that celebrates and promotes diversity in Australia. We recruited influencers with different religions, genders, ages, and nationalities to participate in this campaign. Influencers even shared the images and BTS on their social media platforms, each fitted with a machine tailored to their experience and sewing needs.

Moreover, we have facilitated in producing 26 series video explainers like the Papercut MF and MFC-L3750CDW to show that technology is a source of productivity, not frustration. The Papercut MF video presents solving the common printing problems in the workplace.

Along with the successful campaigns we facilitate, we also utilise our skills in media communication and content creation in disseminating news and announcements to the right journalist, technology media and mainstream media. Additionally, we engage with them and influencers to test the products and share their real experiences with their audience.

To sum it all up, we manage to help Brother reach out to the retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and professional, and technical services industries through case studies and interviews. Thus, bringing together successful product launches and campaigns.

Sydney Harbour Cruise Press Launch with WD

Hosted by WD and their NAS partners, this 2012 launch signified the era of growth in storage among creative professionals, film and content creators. The Gap Agency held a press event but before the proceedings, the media was treated to a speed boat ride with the matching red boat and red ponchos theme. The guests were taken for a thrill ride around Sydney harbour then treated to lunch at the popular dining venue Aria.

AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Launch

The Gap Agency operated the launch campaign for reviews on YouTube for AMD’s new Radeon graphics cards and Ryzen processors with Australia’s biggest tech influencers and media, gaining hundreds of thousands of views in just hours.

Brother ‘Tailored 2 You’ Sewing Campaign

Announcing the launch of Brother’s ‘Tailored 2 You’ Sewing Machine range, Gap recruited a number of influencers to participate in a social campaign and photoshoot for Brother and Spotlight advertisements. The campaign went beyond simply representing different sewing skill levels – incorporating a variation of genders, religions, nationalities and ages to celebrate and reflect Australia’s diversity.

Influencers shared the images from the photoshoot and BTS videos on their social media platforms, each fitted with a machine tailored to their experience and sewing needs. Content ranged from a giveaway with 2700 entries, to New Years resolution posts encouraging followers to start a new hobby. Check out the gallery of images below – you may even spot the Gap Team making their modelling debut in the ad!

Video Case Study: Seagate works with Tracks

The Gap Team worked closely with post producer Steve Smith, and his company, Tracks Post Production, to create a video case study on their backup workflow. Providing post production services to Australian Broadcast Television companies, Track’s central data server is vital to the functioning of their business. This video highlights the role of Seagate hard drives in this process.

Synology Malaysia Campaign

To gain exposure for Synology’s NAS systems in Malaysia, Gap worked with two top-tier creative professionals on YouTube – ZY Productions and Joshua Se. The final video went beyond the typical review, to create in-depth, educational and solutions-based content for Synology’s target audience. Shared to a combined 317K subscribers, this campaign achieved over 12K views and tens of thousands of impressions.

AMD at Reimagination Event 2019

The Gap Agency facilitated a partnership between the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and client AMD for the annual Reimagination Summit and Digital Disruptor Awards. This event brings together over 1000 tech and business leaders to recognise those Australian’s leading the way in digital disruption.

Through our management of this partnership AMD received vast exposure to the wider tech community.

John Hampton (Senior Director, Field Engineering, AMD) shared his invaluable insights during panel discussions and presented the Student of the Year Award to winner Marina Geldard. He also took interview opportunities with key media such as Sky Business, to be aired in 2020.

Gap worked closely with ACS content writers, to create thought leadership articles published on the ACS website, and their digital news site, the Information Age. This worked alongside AMD marketing collateral/ case studies also featured across the site and ACS’ social media platforms.

Brother x Sydney Retail Festival

Brother International Australia and The Gap Agency teamed up with Sydney Retail Festival, a hub for influential designers, fashion labels, and large retailers, to engage with potential customers of Brother’s direct-to-garment printer range.

The collaboration involved designing and printing vibrant festival t-shirts in a live demonstration of Brother’s GTX printer which ran throughout the course of the festival followed by an email marketing campaign to all those who attended. Exhibitors, attendees, and speakers were provided the opportunity to interact with the printing process itself while taking home their own festival memorabilia at the end.

Based on information garnered from earlier industry interviews, many incorrect perceptions surrounding direct-to-garment printing were broken while excitement around the benefits was built, resulting in over 100 relevant leads leaving behind their contact details.

Great Barrier Reef Legacy Case Study

The Gap Agency joined the hands of Seagate and Great Barrier Reef Legacy (https://www.greatbarrierreeflegacy.org/) for an international research expedition aimed at protecting the Great Barrier coral reefs. To meet the research team’s stringent data storage requirements, we coordinated the provision of newly released 12TB IronWolf and IronWolf Pro drives in exchange for a filmed interview and written case study discussing how the drives fulfilled their needs.

Director of science and media at GBR Legacy, Dr Dean Miller, demonstrated how their use of multimedia was critical in both researching the reef and sharing the organisation’s vision for further funding and exposure.

The interview and case study reached international audiences, featuring on CIO Australia and Apple Daily in Taiwan, and has been used in Seagate’s global social media marketing.

Bringing Virtual Reality to the Mainstream

AMD ushers in a new era of video game hardware by bringing in Virtual Reality to the masses. The Gap Agency’s task was to launch their value range of video cards to challenge that norm that VR is only for power users. We themed the event around Fiji island as the product was codenamed “Fiji”. Complete with beach chairs, free AMD towels and product demonstrations from 7 brands that work with AMD including Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, Lenovo and more. It was an awesome event with great turnout.

DTG & Me: Image Textile Magazine Editorial

The Gap team interviewed Stuart Endersby and Dan Keast on behalf of client Brother, to hear their story about how they worked together to build garment store, Freo Tshirts. The editorial piece was published in Image Textile Magazine as a feature.

Creating a Sydney Skygarden for Western Digital

With cloud storage era being ushered to consumers in 2013, we decided to bring press, influencers and VIPs to the clouds. The task at hand was to bring turn Sydney’s Skytower top level into a garden. We brought in pseudo lawn for flooring, a small garden setting complete with parking benches, cotton candy and ice cream carts plus an area for mini golf to keep the guests amazed and entertained. We delivered the message about cloud storage in the most adventurous way!

We take Seagate to the Adobe Make It Event

The Gap Agency was proud to bring Seagate’s IronWolf Pro to life at Adobe Make It 2017 using Mixed Reality. Presenting to over 2,000 of Sydney’s top creative directors, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, digital producers, industry leaders and innovative thinkers, the Seagate demonstration area about Mixed Reality recording was a stand out.

In addition to the line-up of international industry pioneers, creative workshops and lab sessions, Seagate brought a loud buzz to the community pavilion, showcasing the IronWolf drives in its’ best light. The Google Tilt Brush was used in Mixed Reality form to bring forth to the Creative Pros a hugely exciting and interactive experience, all powered by the IronWolf Pro drives.

Interchanging between solo IronWolf themed artworks and running demos for the crowd during the two-day event, Seagate’s professional VR artist, Sean Rodrigo, guided attendees to create their very own masterpiece. The most creative IronWolf drawing won their artist a LaCie Rugged Drive!

AMD Ryzen Mobile Launch

With the launch of their new Ryzen Pro 4000 Series Mobile Processors, AMD held a CES press conference in Austin, Texas. Gap brought on board two of Australia’s top laptop reviewers Jarrod’s Tech and Hardware Unboxed, to fly over for the briefing. Both Jarrod and Tim covered this on their YouTube channel and reviewed the new generation of products.

Brother Mother’s Day Competition

The Gap Agency reached out to 6 high profile influencers and identities who we felt would be suited to advocating the importance of sewing to newer generations. By using these figures, we opened up new channels for Brother to target and reach out to untapped markets. Combined, this campaign reached over 637K individuals who are interested in pages that are centred around lifestyle, fashion, and motherhood.

Throughout the campaign, the talent posted an announcement about a Mother’s Day competition with the chance for one of their followers to win a sewing machine. The post featured themselves with an unboxed sewing machine and included their mother/mother–figure.

Contestants then uploaded a picture of themselves with their mum, or an inspirational woman in their life, tagging @brotheraustralia and #mothersdaywithbrother as well as their friends and #bloggernamewithbrother e.g. #ChloeChapmanWithBrother.

Once the competition closed, we checked each of the blogger name hashtags above to decide on a winner for each of the bloggers and then organise a courier to send them a machine.

To drive the campaign home, the winner of each Brother sewing machine had to take a photo of their mum with the machine and tag @brotheraustralia and the instamodel that gave it to them.

WD Retail and Press Launch at Tom Dun Gallery

With campaigns after campaigns, we thought we thought we’d treat our guests to something more artistic. With the era of the smart homes, client WD has released a suite of products to watch movies and videos easily at home. We conducted the event at Tom Dunn Gallery, an elegant 3 level venue with the top floor set up as a home theatre lounge. Guests from the media, VIPs, influencers and retailer buyers enjoyed music and live product demonstrations. More so the event was setup for a night of networking and catching up.


Finland Uncovered Case Study by Redscope

Founded by Creative Directors Adam Dionsio and Benjamin Baggay, Redscope Films is boutique creative content production studio based in Sydney, Australia. Since its inception in 2014 the team has created campaigns and video content for a wide range of clients including Hype DC, Adidas, Sony Australia, DJI, No More Ugly, 9 degrees Gym and more. They focus on creating content that tells a story in emotive language delivered using Photography, filmmaking and animation.

For Redscope Films, using the Seagate IronWolf Pro 14TB drives completely changed their production environment. The reliability, warranty and recovery also added an extra layer of protection for their work with increased productivity thanks to the speed of the drives and robust feature set. By switching to a NAS based system, it increased productivity with unlimited creativity.

AMD Case Study with DTA Government Agency

As part of a wider corporate media management program, AMD have worked alongside the government’s Digital Transformation Agency. A resulting case study of this collaboration was produced by the department, to highlight the strengths of the product. The Gap Agency worked closely with AMD to create a solid story out of the results of this case study, which highlights the disparity in market share, despite AMD’s CPU’s being competitive in price and performance. Through strong media relations, this story received coverage by both CRN and IT Wire and was CRN’s most read article for a week.

Both articles, written by prominent technology journalists, opened highlighting the strength of AMD as a competitor, and the growth of the organisation over the past few years.

Brother GTX Garment Printer Case Study

Brother International Australia sent our team up to the sunshine coast to interview a range of clients that are using the GTX Direct-To-Garment Printer.

The team were privileged enough to interview a range of entrepreneurs, that have built successful garment businesses out of their investment in the GTX. From garage jobs, through to warehouses, these individuals have worked closely with Brother’s QLD distributor, Adzon, to turn their ideas into a reality, and they all have unique stories to tell as a result.

Off the success of these interviews, a three part series has been published across various editions of Image Textile Magazine, telling the ‘DTG & Me’ stories.

AMD Corporate Lunch Event

The Gap Agency organised a carefully managed event for AMD’s corporate customers on the launch of the AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Series. Hosted by a sommelier, the guests were treated to a great selection of beverages for a champagne tasting event. During the presentation, all guests were served with the finest cuisine Crown Sydney has to offer. As the event wrapped up, all guests were given a Scotch Glass and Whiskey Stone Set gift set.

Despite the changes in the new normal, in attendance were guests from Banks, Finance, Accounting, TV, Broadcasting, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage companies who appreciated the exclusivity and amazing views of the venue had to offer.

PAX Gaming Event

Date: 27 – 29 October 2017
Location:  Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Attendees Profile: Gamers, Cosplayers, Avid Gaming Fans
Leads: 6,000+

We coordinated the following activities by Seagate at PAX:

  • Hard Drive Competition
  • Free Custom T-Shirt Printing associated with Brother Garment Printer
  • Gaming Challenge
  • PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) public gaming
  • VR Racing set up
  • Seagate T-shirt free giveaways
  • Seagate have given free giveaways such as BarraCuda and FireCuda figurine toys
  • Maxibon giveaway (in alliance with Avant Gaming)


  • We had 80+ entries in Hard Drive competition
  • 190+ participated in PAX Survey
  • The winners of the Hard Drive competition were selected and announced in Facebook and Twitter (1st2nd3rd)
  • Created a PAX AU video for this event
  • The event was also posted on Chris “Mayo” Smith and MSY Technology Facebook Pages

The Gap Agency furthered this campaign by engaging key influencers that would be present at the event, coordinating Seagate’s involvement in nine PC mods that were to be showcased.

Brother Commercial Printers Campaign

Brother International Australia began their focus on commercial printers following the success of the brand among consumers. We support Brother International Australia through media launches and brining their key executives in front of relevant business journalists. We worked with Brother in sharing their vision on how print and digital asset management helps foster creativity as well as cost efficiency in the finance, retail, hospitality transport, legal, print/marketing and service industries.

Drone Press Launch with WD’s Portable Storage

When drones has just started to get popular, we acquired brand new DJI drones to demonstrated drone photography and storage using the WD Wireless Passport. This is one of our stand out events. Blessed with great weather at the North Bondi Golf course, the media and VIPs and retail partners were treated to an event of flying drones, dodging swarm of bees, driving around in golf carts and to enjoy their footage take back to base in time for lunch and afternoon beers.

AMD’s Ryzen Press Launch

The Gap Agency is proud to launch AMD’s much anticipated processor called the Ryzen. We executed a fully integrated campaign in bringing together press, influencers, partners and event launches for the Ryzen.

Ryzen is the long awaited processor from AMD. With so much hype around the product, we had to live up to the expectation as an agency to launch it. And we delivered! From a media and influencer event, through to a product review program, press and influencer management, we are proud to be part of this major launch from AMD.

Brother Simplicity Event

The Brother Simplicity event was held when influencers was just emerging. This was the first time we held a media event along with influencers to launch Brother’s lifestyle range of sewing machines. The event was held at bay side Point Piper overlooking Rose Bay, the guests were presented with useful workshops and dresses made from the new range of sewing machines.

Guests who ran workshops were themselves influential enthusiasts when it comes to sewing. We are sure they taught a thing or two about simplicity in sewing to our guests and also posted their work in Instagram. VIPs were also present including executives from Spotlight.

Our Achievements

Our remarkable track record is a testament to our expertise and dedication. We have consistently achieved outstanding results for our clients, with successful campaigns that showcase our creativity and strategic approach. Our partnerships with global brands, extensive industry experience, and ability to secure valuable media coverage demonstrate our commitment to delivering exceptional PR outcomes. 

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