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PR Galleria enables you to sample products, experiences, and events to a diverse group of media and influencers which allows you to increase sales, awareness, and engagement with the right audiences. Create diverse, dynamic campaigns that target specific demographics through your own pre-approved pool of media and influencers.

PR Galleria is not an automated influencer marketplace, but real people behind technology developed for brands to carefully match with the right influential people. In turn, media and influencers are now connecting with new brands and experiences they had never thought to connect with.

Currently operating in 12 countries, we are constantly expanding our networks and entering new territories. We have extensive networks across the technology & gamingeventsfood & beveragerestaurants & bars, tourism, beauty and automotive markets. Connect with us for more information on where we can take your campaign, wherever it is you’re wanting to go.


PR Galleria is an exciting online platform that enables brands to offer samples of their new products or experiences to our influential members; consisting of media, social media influencers and VIPs. Such members will then share their experience of the sample to their audience.

For influential members, access to the platform is by invite only. Brands offer their latest products and experiences to our influential members.

PR Galleria is available in 12 countries which are: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Stay tuned as we continue to grow and expand into more countries!

Small and large agencies benefit from PR Galleria as an extension of their campaigns. If they have a campaign that needs more exposure or participation from our influential members, a brand offer can easily be established and the opportunities will be directed to the agency.

PR Galleria is a community of influencers who are passionate about what they do and want to help you get the word out about your brand. We're all here because we love what we do. That's why we only work with influencers who are genuinely interested in working with brands—whether it's for free or in exchange for free stuff. If you're looking for a more direct partnership with a brand, you can sign up to our Pro Galleria platform here, which will open up opportunities for all kinds of paid work or partnerships.

Pro Galleria is the sister platform of PR Galleria. Pro Galleria works in reverse where influential people, content creators, esports teams, and event organisers present their most creative proposals for brands to consider. Brands then explore, review and request to be part of amazing campaigns, sponsorship, events, and marketing proposals offered by our influential partners.

Account Management

Brands can get access to PR Galleria Influencers and VIPs by starting a campaign here

Members can get access to PR Galleria by invite only. Tthis means we’ll send you an email with your PR Galleria login details or you can create your own account by joining our community of Influencers and VIPs here

We consider influencers as our members. For influential members, access to the platform is by invite only. Brands will offer their latest products and experiences to you as an invited influential member.

Every influencer must complete a registration form and provide information including their social media handles, email addresses, and short description in order to be approved by us. We then review all users' submissions and check which brands best suit a member.

On our platform, you can request free samples from brands. By logging into your account and simply clicking the offer after agreeing to the guidelines, you can "request a sample," and We'll send you a message to confirm your mailing address before sending you a sample as soon as possible!

PR Galleria platform plays a big part in this as by logging in to the platform brands can easily see all collaborations info including past collaborations as well as post report collaborations

Step 1: Go to your profile.

Step 2: Go to tab change password and enter your current and new password.

Step 3: Click Update Password

Step 1: Click Forgot your password on the login page.

Step 2: Enter your username or email in the field. Then, click Reset my password.  

Step 3: Go to your email and check the password reset link that has been sent to you.

Step 4: Open the email and click Reset.

Step 5: Enter your new password.

Step 1: Go to my account.  

Step 2: Scroll down to see e-mail address and change it. Then, click Update Account.

Are you sure about deleting your account? Everything will be deleted from the site and there’s no turning back. If you already made up your mind, just follow these steps.


Step 1: Go to your profile.

Step 2: Click the settings icon in your profile photo and click my account.

Step 3: Click the delete account tab.

Step 4: Enter your password.

Step 5: Click delete account.

For Brands

For brands, since our members have access by invite-only, brands enjoy a vetted pool of influential people. Our expert team and sophisticated software have vetted and analysed the granted access for both relevancy, authenticity, and genuinity of followers.

No. PR Galleria has real publicists behind the technology, who constantly match members with available offers, campaigns, and brands. Whilst our technology is advanced, we do the hard work for both brands and members – eliminating the lengthy search for the ‘right’ person and ensuring relevance for members.

We offer an approved set of influential members to brands. Typically, we target a campaign between 100-500 influential members to ensure a high engagement with the brand. Brands have the option to set a maximum amount of sample requests they can provide.

PR Galleria is a platform that allows brands to sample their products to our network of influencers (and media, if you like) in exchange of unpaid exposure. We have an online campaign calculator that will take you step by step through pricing, platforms we can target, and types of exposures we can get for your brand. Please click here:

As PR Galleria campaigns are unpaid for the influencers, the higher product/service value the brands provide, the bigger influencers we can target.

Yes, brands are more than welcome to submit multiple products to sample.


We believe that the quality of the product is what will make our influencers want to promote it, so we're not as worried about how many products you submit.

Yes, once the request is complete, we will provide you with a list of interested influencers for you to approve. By logging in to your account, you can determine which influencers who have agreed to the offer are a good fit for you.

Our platform is designed to help you reach your target audience. That means we control who sees what from your brand's product offer, so it's very targeted.

The brands active offer is not visible to everyone in our community—it's visible only to the targetted influencers or media who can make the most of it.

We've got your back!


PR Galleria platform is designed to make sure each influencer has a great experience and feels confident in their ability to share the coverage. We create an "offer" page that outlines what the brands are offering, and what the required deliverables are, and the influencer lets us know when, where, and how they will share their experience. Interested influencers will put in a request to collaborate, and this acts as a contract of sorts that are emailed to influencer immediately from the platform as well as a copy emailed to the account manager so they are required to fulfill the agreement.

Typically influencers will do one feed post (however this may be a carousel with multiple images or Instagram reel video), as well as an Instagram story - we don't ask them to do more than this as they aren't being paid. It really depends on the influencer as more micro followings will be more willing to go the extra mile.

On the offer, when influencers put in a request they will let us know which platforms they will share on (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc), and how they will post (competition, product exposure, review, etc) so this will give us an idea before we decide to collaborate with them.

Brands that offer samples via the platform must give the utmost effort to deliver the product or experience. They must ensure sample offers are immediately available to send out and completely free of charge for our influential members.

PR Galleria ensures each influencer keeps to their obligations by being in constant contact whole process. We continually follow up with any influencers who do not post their review within a reasonable time.

Before influencers put in a request for an offer, they will answer where they will share the experience, how they will share (i.e. review, social post..), and when they will share the product. The offer/ questions are fully customisable, so brands could include any question you want to ask If you have something specific in mind, instead of leaving it up to them we can set a specified condition they must agree to. Generally, though we leave this open as they are not being paid for the collaboration, and it may stop the larger influencers from making a request. 


If we believe the terms selected by the influencer are not suitable (i.e. they have selected social media exposure, but their review blog is what they are known for), we will reach out personally to renegotiate terms before approval and dispatch are granted.

Member will typically take 1 – 3 weeks to complete the coverage after receiving the products as they like to test the products and see results after consistent use over a period of time.


Another reason being is some of them have collaboration commitments they need to fulfill and prioritise over unpaid collaborations and many plan their feed-in schedules to look aesthetic, so we like to give some leeway.


Furthermore, the short preparation may also discourage big influencers from requesting. So we recommend setting 1-3 weeks as an ideal period in time for influencers to make content.

Influencers often require a few weeks to make content, particularly for YouTube or Reel videos. Not only is the creation process time-consuming, but they often have several products from other brands that they may have to review first. PR Galleria is constantly liaising with the influencer and will update any delays or expected posting date in the deliverables.

If an influencer receives a product and stops replying to emails, they will be blacklisted and unsubscribed from the platform to ensure they do not receive any offers in the future. We will also pursue them to return the product.

Yes, PR Galleria will stop the Campaign with prior notice.


Sometimes things don't always go according to plan – that's why PR Galleria offers a "pay only upon results" policy. This means Brands can only be invoiced for completed deliverables.

For Members

Members benefit as they will receive relevant offers from brands to try products and experiences for free. Imagine having access to several brands vying for your attention.

No. PR Galleria has real publicists behind the technology, who constantly match members with available offers, campaigns, and brands. Whilst our technology is advanced, we do the hard work for both brands and members – eliminating the lengthy search for the ‘right’ person and ensuring relevance for members.

The PR Galleria platform works on a sophisticated membership system whereby certain offers are only visible to relevant media, influencers, or VIPs. The result? Our offers are very targeted, increasing the chances that the brand’s offer will be requested. Clutter is also reduced for members as they are only exposed to samples that will be of interest to them.

It’s simple! Once you’ve been approved to work with us, you’ll receive an invite to request a product in your preferred category. You may accept or reject the offer, depending on whether you want to try out the product or not. If you accept, we will send you the product so you can create amazing content to share with your followers.

The platform is designed to be fun! We have a growing list of brands seeking influential people to try their products free of charge. 
Spanning restaurants, entertainment, technology, beauty, travel, hotels, food/beverage, and automotive experiences; PR Galleria is a unique platform!

Yes! You can request as many offers as you like.

However, please keep in mind that generally one offer can be processed at a time, once the first collaboration has been reviewed/published. After that, we'll process the next.

The answer is yes! We will include a review guide for each specific product on our offer page. Any further guidelines and posting requests can be found and visible on the product offer page.

After members have requested and received the samples that are of interest to them, they have the obligation to share the experience with their audience. The nature of these obligations is clearly outlined in the sample offer; covering aspects such as the type of social media platform to be used and to required hashtags and handles. Members must agree to the terms and conditions before requesting the sample.

No, you don't have to pay for shipping. The brands provide the products for free, and you get them shipped straight to your door.

PR Galleria promotes and stays true to the decades-old practice of sampling. Brands provide to our members free of charge to try, keep and use their products as they wish. Furthermore, we respect journalism’s strict code of ethics, and thus understand that influential media must return the samples. Further, being an online platform our offers are transparent and clearly outlined, there is no unethical influence placed upon our members.

Just email us at as soon as possible, and we'll get your request taken care of ASAP.

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