Frequently Asked Questions

What is PR Galleria?
PR Galleria is an exciting online platform that enables brands to offer samples of their new products or experiences to our influential members; consisting of media, social media influencers and VIPs. Such members will then share their experience of the sample to their audience.
Who can use PR Galleria?
For influential members, access to the platform is by invite only. Brands offer their latest products and experiences to our influential members.
What are the benefits of PR Galleria?

Members benefit as they will receive relevant offers from brands to try products and experiences for free. Imagine having access to several brands vying for your attention.

For brands, since our members have access by invite-only, brands enjoy a vetted pool of influential people. Our expert team and sophisticated software have vetted and analysed the granted access for both relevancy, authenticity and genuinity of followers.

Is PR Galleria a global platform?
PR Galleria is available in 12 countries which are: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Stay tuned as we continue to grow and expand into more countries!
Is PR Galleria just another DIY platform?
No. PR Galleria has real publicists behind the technology, who constantly match members with available offers, campaigns and brands. Whilst our technology is advanced, we do the hard work for both brands and members – eliminating lengthy search for the ‘right’ person and ensuring relevance for members.
How does a typical campaign work?
We offer an approved set of influential members to brands. Typically, we target a campaign between 100-500 influential members to ensure a high engagement with the brand. Brands have the option to set a maximum amount of sample requests they can provide.
What sort of products or experiences do you offer?
The platform is designed to be fun! We have a growing list of companies seeking influential people to try their products free of charge. Spanning restaurants, entertainment, technology, beauty, travel, hotels, food/beverage and automotive experiences; PR Galleria is a unique platform!
Why can members only see certain offers?
The PR Galleria platform works on a sophisticated membership system whereby certain offers are only visible to relevant media, influencers or VIPs. The result? Our offers are very targeted, increasing the chances that the brand’s offer will be requested. Clutter is also reduced for members as they are only exposed to samples that will be of interest to them.
What are the obligations of brands and members?

Brands who offer samples via the platform must give the utmost effort to deliver the product or experience. They must ensure sample offers are immediately available to send out and completely free of charge for our influential members.

After members have requested and received the samples that are of interest to them, they have the obligation to share the experience with their audience. The nature of these obligations are clearly outlined in the sample offer; covering aspects such as the type of social media platform to be used, to required hashtags and handles. Members must agree to the terms and conditions before requesting the sample.

How can PR, marketing and influencer agencies get involved?
Small and large agencies benefit from PR Galleria as an extension of their campaigns. If they have a campaign that needs more exposure or participation from our influential members, a brand offer can easily be established and the opportunities will be directed to the agency.
Is there a membership fee?
There are no fees for influential members. We earn our income from brands and agencies.
Do members have to return products?

PR Galleria promotes and stays true to the decades-old practice of sampling. Brands provide to our members free of charge to try, keep and use their products as they wish. Furthermore, we respect journalism’s strict code of ethics, and thus understand that influential media must return the samples. Further, being an online platform our offers are transparent and clearly outlined, there is no unethical influence placed upon our members.

What is your affiliation with Pro Galleria?

Pro Galleria is the sister platform of PR Galleria. Pro Galleria works in reverse where influential people, content creators, esports teams, and event organisers present their most creative proposals for brands to consider. Brands then explore, review and request to be part of amazing campaigns, sponsorship, events, and marketing proposals offered by our influential partners.