About PR Galleria

PR Galleria is a platform that modernises how brands offer samples and experiences to a network of influencers, media and VIPs.

Behind this platform is a full fledged agency with 15 years in sampling, PR and influencer experiences.

PR Galleria is not a DIY platform.

With media & influencers we offer:

  • Diversity
  • Dynamic relationships
  • Depth and breath of campaigns 


Agency Limitations: Agencies tend to work only within their established circle of media and to a certain extent influencers.

Depth vs Breadth: This results in brands offered same pool of influencers for campaigns. This is great for depth and consistency but limits reach and exposure to a wider audience.

Media vs Influencers: While journalists tend to be a stable pool of personnel for PR, Influencers are more dynamic. Therefore it is important to maintain flexibility and stay on top of trending influencers.

PR Galleria allows brands to create dynamic and rolling campaigns that target specific demographics, by utilising fresh pools of influencers, VIPs and media to reach new audiences.


PR Galleria works on an exclusive membership system

Membership system

The platform uses a membership system specific for the brand and relevant influencers.



We run your campaigns through these selected members only.


We can offer samples and engage with a few or up to 50-100 influencers per campaign.


Result are brands receive a diverse and dynamic pool of influencers