Car Reviews and Influencer Marketing

How it works

A Managed Campaign

PR Galleria invites approved influencers, media or VIPs to test drive and promote amazing cars.

Car reviews and influencer marketing

The Brand Invitation

Car brands offer car loans and test drives to a carefully selected network of media, influencers and VIPs.

The Genuine Request

Magic happens when members submit requests via PR Galleria to test drive a car. This ensures we are loaning cars to influencers who are genuinely excited.

Trial & Share

Now the fun part – members share amazing photos, videos and stories about their experience to their audience.
Rethink the way loan cars should be promoted
PR Galleria brings on the best influencers, media and VIPs to book a test drive of your latest premium or luxury car, and have them share their experience across their social platforms. PR Galleria also boasts a booking system that can help manage and schedule test drive campaigns, to a vetted list of influential people.
  • Kickstart influencer marketing campaigns to promote and announce car launches
  • Invite both traditional and niche automobile media to review your car
  • Repurpose quality influencer content for your brand’s marketing or social channels
  • Sample to top tier influencers for long term car brand ambassadorships
  • Provide trackable links to influencers to determine campaign success
Car reviews and influencer marketing

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PR Galleria is a fully managed platform designed to save you time and money.

Save costs on influencer search


Personalized media, influencer and VIP database


Save employee time on engaging influencers

Available in 12 Asia Pacific countries

Expert campaign management

Samples carefully monitored

Customized campaign reports