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If you want to build a brief from scratch, fill in the Create a Brief form below. This will allow our team to build your media, influencer, or marketing network found in My Community relevant to your campaign brief. You can also View or Edit your brief to refine your campaigns. For reference, see sample offer below.

Entering your name and email address below will create an account for you in PR Galleria. If you already have an account with us, please log in here.

  • Format: Brand – Product/Service Name (e.g., Gucci – Mini Leather Bag)
  • Provide a short description of your brief.
  • Write the full description of your brief.
  • Number only. Do not add any words or characters.
  • Upload additional pictures of your brief which will be shown as image gallery (Recommended: 6 images or more, max. file size: 1MB)
  • Give us an indication of a a set of deliverables you wish to achieve from our community. We will work with you to find solutions on these deliverables through our PR Galleria and Pro Galleria network. These are fully customisable according to your needs, whether it be time-specific, platform-specific, or any other conditions that may be required. We will add this in your campaign brief.

If available, you can view, edit (Edit), or delete (Delete) your campaigns here.

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