Food and Beverage

How it works

The Food or Beverage Sample

Brands offer free food and beverage samples or vouchers to a carefully selected network of media, influencers and VIPs.

Member Notifications

From trending foodies to the most popular lifestyle bloggers, PR Galleria invites the right media, influencers, VIPs and salons to experience the sample.

The Genuine Request

Magic happens when members that are genuinely interested, request to try it! Gone are the days of mass sample send outs that may never be eaten!

Experience & Share

Now the fun part – members try out your food or drink product, and share their opinions to their audiences across media and social media.

Food and Beverage

Looking to tantalise the taste buds of reviewers, foodies and influencers? PR Galleria offers the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of influential people, by offering them food and drink samples for review and social posting.

How can we help?

  • Build hype around new product/flavour launches!
  • Access influencers in a range of industries, from food bloggers to streamers (everyone eats, right?!)
  • Repurpose quality influencer content for your brand’s marketing or social channels
  • Sample to both micro-influencers and top-tier influencers as long term promoters
  • Provide trackable links to influencers to determine campaign success
PR Galleria is a fully managed platform designed to save you time and money.

Save costs on influencer search


Personalized media, influencer and VIP database


Save employee time on engaging influencers

Available in 12 Asia Pacific countries

Expert campaign management

Samples carefully monitored

Customized campaign reports

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