Food & Beverage
Client to Influencer
Through PR Galleria, you’re presented with countless food and beverage samples such as newly released products, fresh produce, chocolates, deserts, wines, beers, and more! PR Galleria conveniently brings together all the best products to the one place, providing you with quality samples easy to obtain.

Influencer to Client
Do you want to get tummies rumbling but don’t quite know how to find the right influencers? PR Galleria is the place for you to have a wide-ranging of influencer candidates to collaborate with. Giving the influencer creative freedom to incorporate your product naturally into their channels will allow them to natively use foods how they usually would, adding to the appeal that makes their followers subscribed to them initially. Using the influencers voice, images and words to tell express to their followers just how amazing your food is will really help set the tone and increase brand awareness.