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AMD Phoenix Launch Event

The Gap Agency organised AMD Phoenix Launch held in the Gold Room at L’Aqua with water views of Sydney’s Darling Harbour. Several speakers kicked off with presentations, including Peter Chambers, Justin Galton, Pooi Fong and Joe Ciardi (Lenovo) on the new AMD Phoenix range and AMD AI advancements in client devices.

Once presentations were complete, guests were given time to complete a post-event survey to provide feedback on the presentations. This was followed by networking with AMD team and partner guests, whereby guests enjoyed an open bar and finger food canapes. During networking guests were able to look at the new AMD powered devices on display, and participate in photo opportunities at the AMD media walls.

Oneworld Charters and Discovery Channel Superyacht Event

PR Galleria hosted an exclusive Superyacht event in collaboration with Oneworld Charters and Discovery Channel — treating our influencer network to a fully catered, 4-hour Sunday cruise. Well-known Instagram influencers with a total of over 700K followers joined us for a beautiful day on the harbour and shared their experiences on Instagram.

AMD Corporate Lunch Event

The Gap Agency organised a carefully managed event for AMD’s corporate customers on the launch of the AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Series. Hosted by a sommelier, the guests were treated to a great selection of beverages for a champagne tasting event. During the presentation, all guests were served with the finest cuisine Crown Sydney has to offer. As the event wrapped up, all guests were given a Scotch Glass and Whiskey Stone Set gift set.

Despite the changes in the new normal, in attendance were guests from Banks, Finance, Accounting, TV, Broadcasting, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage companies who appreciated the exclusivity and amazing views of the venue had to offer.

Sharp Press Launch

The Gap Agency launched the new range of microwave ovens and convection ovens to Australian media with the goal of receiving engagingly positive coverage. We conveyed to key lifestyle media and influencers that microwave cooking can be simple, quick and healthy, showing them lifehacks on how to “Live Smart. Live Sharp.”

Through an interactive cooking event, media and influencers were shown how to cook 5 healthy recipes by wholefoods connoisseur Nadia Felsch. Each recipe showcased the innovative features of Sharp’s new microwave range teaching guests to live smart and cook smart with Sharp.

Brother Simplicity Event

The Brother Simplicity event was held when influencers was just emerging. This was the first time we held a media event along with influencers to launch Brother’s lifestyle range of sewing machines. The event was held at bay side Point Piper overlooking Rose Bay, the guests were presented with useful workshops and dresses made from the new range of sewing machines.

Guests who ran workshops were themselves influential enthusiasts when it comes to sewing. We are sure they taught a thing or two about simplicity in sewing to our guests and also posted their work in Instagram. VIPs were also present including executives from Spotlight.

We take Seagate to the Adobe Make It Event

The Gap Agency was proud to bring Seagate’s IronWolf Pro to life at Adobe Make It 2017 using Mixed Reality. Presenting to over 2,000 of Sydney’s top creative directors, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, digital producers, industry leaders and innovative thinkers, the Seagate demonstration area about Mixed Reality recording was a stand out.

In addition to the line-up of international industry pioneers, creative workshops and lab sessions, Seagate brought a loud buzz to the community pavilion, showcasing the IronWolf drives in its’ best light. The Google Tilt Brush was used in Mixed Reality form to bring forth to the Creative Pros a hugely exciting and interactive experience, all powered by the IronWolf Pro drives.

Interchanging between solo IronWolf themed artworks and running demos for the crowd during the two-day event, Seagate’s professional VR artist, Sean Rodrigo, guided attendees to create their very own masterpiece. The most creative IronWolf drawing won their artist a LaCie Rugged Drive!

Fujitsu Designs with Kenichi Kimura

In 2008, The Gap Agency had the honour to launch a major press event for Fujitsu Japan. Over 40 media and influencers attended including guests from lifestyle magazines, newspapers, technology and trade media. Dedece was our choice of venue with its amazing decor and design to match Fujitsu’s latest designs in laptops. During the launch we showcased then the world’s smallest notebook. Japanese guest Kenichi spoke with a translator to show the media about his designs and inspirations.


Bowling with Tech Media, AMD, Acer and Gigabyte

Looking back to Look Forward! 2009 was a golden year for tech PR. Photos taken from our archives, here we organised bowling for key tech journalists for AMD and Gigabyte. It was a fun evening with new product announcements, live demos and a general catch up between media and several vendors including Acer. This was more than 10 years ago and of course many tech journalists and clients have become friends and most have moved on to greater roles.

Acer Windows 8 Launch with Intel

Held for 2 days at the Sydney’s Sky Tower, the media was treated to an exclusive venue to see the Acer’s new notebooks with Windows 8 operating system. The press only event was setup not as a large group setup, but more of small groups or one-on-one. This gave the guests time to really get to know Acer and the products well.

Audio and Visual Press Launch with Denon Marantz

As seen in the photos, this event attracted a massive turnout for the launch of Denon and Marantz new speaker docks and headphones. The brand is considered a premium in its class and the event certainly delivered. The venue was at the elegant Ivy Penthouse in Sydney and proved to be a delight for both the media and retail partners.

Bruno Mars Press Event with Acer

What better way to launch with the media than treat them to a Bruno Mars concert in 2014. Of course the is the obligatory product presentation from Acer then it is off to the concert! Guests were treated to a Hummer ride and driven to the private suite. It was a moment to remember and also the chance to catch up with the client in a more fun environment.

Games Press Launch Pay Day 2

The Gap Agency was responsible for the Australian press launch of Pay Day 2. The launch was in a “secret hideout” for bank robbers only. Games media was treated to a themed event complete it Pay Day 2 branding and props. Guests were greeted at the front gates using the Pay Day 2 official masks which the walking public also found intriguing.

Ivicon NASA Campaign

The Gap Agency was proud to work with a select group of education and mainstream media to announce and raise awareness of the largest expedition of Australian students to ever study at the NASA Space School! The client, iVicon Australia and New Zealand, sent the largest ever contingent of Australian students to visit the Houston Association for Space and Science Education (HASSE) Space School in America. 138 Australian students spent their school holidays learning from NASA’s finest as part of iVicon’s international study program, in association with HASSE and NASA, designed to empower youth to develop their critical thinking skills through experimental learning.

Sharp Cooking Carnivale

To launch its latest range of Microwave Ovens, The Gap Agency devised a campaign for SHARP that integrated media and influencers in a one day cooking event held at the Sydney Fish Markets. The guests were a combination of traditional media and some of the largest Australian influencers when it comes to lifestyle and cooking.

At the event, the guests were split into teams and charged with a number of cooking tasks that would test their cooking skills. The teams competed against each other, all the while using the new features of the latest microwave range. It was an exercise in ‘show don’t tell’ and by using the microwaves at the event, the resulting coverage was more authoritative.

Assetto Corsa Australian Launch

The Gap Agency created a launch campaign for the console release of the highly anticipated racing simulator – Assetto Corsa. This involved a preview event, launch event, influencer program and pre-roll video advertising on YouTube and Facebook.

To start the campaign, we held an exclusive preview for key gaming media months before the official release. When it was time to go to market, we hosted a larger press event and influencer gathering where they could mingle, learn about the game and test drive to learn more about the game.

A racing simulator rig was setup with professional seat, wheel and pedals together with large screen TV from SHARP. We also created 4 gaming stations with 4 PS4 consoles and 4 additional large SHARP screens to allow the gaming media to compare playing with a rig and playing with controller.

Following the event, we created video advertising campaigns for Facebook and Youtube which to build momentum for launch which we then leveraged by utilising our PR Galleria platform to coordinate review copies to Twitch streamers, YouTube personalities and gaming communities. The Gap Agency is proud to add this launch into our list of gaming titles that we have helped bring to market.

Facilitating ACS Partnerships

The team at Gap facilitated a partnership between major Australian technology association, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and clients AMD, and Seagate Technology. Through the management and delivery of these partnerships, our clients are receiving prominent exposure to the wider corporate tech community by participating in panel discussions, speaking at major events, taking interview opportunities with media such as Sky Business, and publishing articles through ACS’s digital news site, the Information Age.  These partnerships are part of larger Integrated Communications Campaigns, which includes PR, case study management, and the development of thought leadership.

Sydney Harbour Cruise Press Launch with WD

Hosted by WD and their NAS partners, this 2012 launch signified the era of growth in storage among creative professionals, film and content creators. The Gap Agency held a press event but before the proceedings, the media was treated to a speed boat ride with the matching red boat and red ponchos theme. The guests were taken for a thrill ride around Sydney harbour then treated to lunch at the popular dining venue Aria.

AMD at Reimagination Event 2019

The Gap Agency facilitated a partnership between the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and client AMD for the annual Reimagination Summit and Digital Disruptor Awards. This event brings together over 1000 tech and business leaders to recognise those Australian’s leading the way in digital disruption.

Through our management of this partnership AMD received vast exposure to the wider tech community.

John Hampton (Senior Director, Field Engineering, AMD) shared his invaluable insights during panel discussions and presented the Student of the Year Award to winner Marina Geldard. He also took interview opportunities with key media such as Sky Business, to be aired in 2020.

Gap worked closely with ACS content writers, to create thought leadership articles published on the ACS website, and their digital news site, the Information Age. This worked alongside AMD marketing collateral/ case studies also featured across the site and ACS’ social media platforms.

Bringing Virtual Reality to the Mainstream

AMD ushers in a new era of video game hardware by bringing in Virtual Reality to the masses. The Gap Agency’s task was to launch their value range of video cards to challenge that norm that VR is only for power users. We themed the event around Fiji island as the product was codenamed “Fiji”. Complete with beach chairs, free AMD towels and product demonstrations from 7 brands that work with AMD including Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, Lenovo and more. It was an awesome event with great turnout.

Creating a Sydney Skygarden for Western Digital

With cloud storage era being ushered to consumers in 2013, we decided to bring press, influencers and VIPs to the clouds. The task at hand was to bring turn Sydney’s Skytower top level into a garden. We brought in pseudo lawn for flooring, a small garden setting complete with parking benches, cotton candy and ice cream carts plus an area for mini golf to keep the guests amazed and entertained. We delivered the message about cloud storage in the most adventurous way!

WD Retail and Press Launch at Tom Dun Gallery

With campaigns after campaigns, we thought we thought we’d treat our guests to something more artistic. With the era of the smart homes, client WD has released a suite of products to watch movies and videos easily at home. We conducted the event at Tom Dunn Gallery, an elegant 3 level venue with the top floor set up as a home theatre lounge. Guests from the media, VIPs, influencers and retailer buyers enjoyed music and live product demonstrations. More so the event was setup for a night of networking and catching up.


PAX Gaming Event

Date: 27 – 29 October 2017
Location:  Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Attendees Profile: Gamers, Cosplayers, Avid Gaming Fans
Leads: 6,000+

We coordinated the following activities by Seagate at PAX:

  • Hard Drive Competition
  • Free Custom T-Shirt Printing associated with Brother Garment Printer
  • Gaming Challenge
  • PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) public gaming
  • VR Racing set up
  • Seagate T-shirt free giveaways
  • Seagate have given free giveaways such as BarraCuda and FireCuda figurine toys
  • Maxibon giveaway (in alliance with Avant Gaming)


  • We had 80+ entries in Hard Drive competition
  • 190+ participated in PAX Survey
  • The winners of the Hard Drive competition were selected and announced in Facebook and Twitter (1st2nd3rd)
  • Created a PAX AU video for this event
  • The event was also posted on Chris “Mayo” Smith and MSY Technology Facebook Pages

The Gap Agency furthered this campaign by engaging key influencers that would be present at the event, coordinating Seagate’s involvement in nine PC mods that were to be showcased.

Drone Press Launch with WD’s Portable Storage

When drones has just started to get popular, we acquired brand new DJI drones to demonstrated drone photography and storage using the WD Wireless Passport. This is one of our stand out events. Blessed with great weather at the North Bondi Golf course, the media and VIPs and retail partners were treated to an event of flying drones, dodging swarm of bees, driving around in golf carts and to enjoy their footage take back to base in time for lunch and afternoon beers.

AMD’s Ryzen Press Launch

The Gap Agency is proud to launch AMD’s much anticipated processor called the Ryzen. We executed a fully integrated campaign in bringing together press, influencers, partners and event launches for the Ryzen.

Ryzen is the long awaited processor from AMD. With so much hype around the product, we had to live up to the expectation as an agency to launch it. And we delivered! From a media and influencer event, through to a product review program, press and influencer management, we are proud to be part of this major launch from AMD.

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