Restaurant and Bars Influencer Marketing and Reviews

Attract foodies, lifestyle influencers and trendy VIPs to your restaurant, bar or cafe. If you have a new menu, venue or have recently renovated your space, PR Galleria is your perfect platform for influencer marketing and media reviews. Our influencers have a huge and loyal community of followers who trust their recommendations, making them the ideal candidate to promote your establishment.

How can we help? We promote restaurant and bar influencer marketing or reviews that are authentic. Build hype around new venue or location launches! Distribute event invitations to our network of media, influencers and VIPs. Access influencers in a range of industries, from food bloggers to streamers (everyone eats, right?!)

How it works


A Managed Campaign

From trending foodies to the most popular lifestyle bloggers, PR Galleria invites the right media, influencers and VIPs that are eager to experience your restaurant or bar.


The Brand Invitation

Restaurant and bars offer free dining experience to a carefully selected network of media, influencers and VIPs. Being invite only, we reduce unsolicited influencer requests that can be daunting for restaurant and bar operators.


The Genuine Request

Magic happens when members that are genuinely interested, request to try it! This ensures we are offering experiences to influencers who are genuinely excited to establishments that are willing to connect.


Trial & Share

Now the fun part – members go to your restaurant or bar, and share their experience with their audiences across media and social media.

PR Galleria is a fully managed platform designed to save you time and money.

Save costs on influencer search

Our expert team and sophisticated software vet influencers and analyse the relevancy, authenticity, and genuinity of their followers.

Personalised media, influencer and VIP database

Enjoy a vetted pool of influential people who are interested and relevant to your product/services offered.

Save time on engaging influencers

Let us do the heavy lifting for you – our team of experts will handle all aspects of the campaign, including finding interested influencers and negotiating terms of engagement.

Available in 12 APJ countries

PR Galleria is available in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Stay tuned as we continue to expand!

Samples are carefully monitored

PR Galleria is constantly liaising with the influencers and will update expected posting date of the deliverables, including delays.

Expert campaign management

An expert campaign manager will make every aspect of your influencer campaign run smoothly from start to finish, including managing relationships and creating the right strategy for your brand.

Customised campaign reports

We provide customised campaign reports with a comprehensive overview of your campaign's performance that includes all the data showing how effective your campaign was.

Pay only for results

PR Galleria offers a "pay only upon results" policy. This means that brands can only be invoiced for completed deliverables.

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