Restaurant and Bars Influencer Marketing and Reviews

Attract foodies, lifestyle influencers and trendy VIPs to your restaurant, bar or cafe. If you have a new menu, venue or have recently renovated your space, PR Galleria is your perfect platform for influencer marketing and media reviews. Our influencers have a huge and loyal community of followers who trust their recommendations, making them the ideal candidate to promote your establishment.

How can we help? We promote restaurant and bar influencer marketing or reviews that are authentic. Build hype around new venue or location launches! Distribute event invitations to our network of media, influencers and VIPs. Access influencers in a range of industries, from food bloggers to streamers (everyone eats, right?!)

How it works

A Managed Campaign

From trending foodies to the most popular lifestyle bloggers, PR Galleria invites the right media, influencers and VIPs that are eager to experience your restaurant or bar.

The Brand Invitation

Restaurant and bars offer free dining experience to a carefully selected network of media, influencers and VIPs. Being invite only, we reduce unsolicited influencer requests that can be daunting for restaurant and bar operators.

The Genuine Request

Magic happens when members that are genuinely interested, request to try it! This ensures we are offering experiences to influencers who are genuinely excited to establishments that are willing to connect.

Trial & Share

Now the fun part – members go to your restaurant or bar, and share their experience with their audiences across media and social media.

PR Galleria is a fully managed platform designed to save you time and money.

Save costs on influencer search


Personalized media, influencer and VIP database


Save employee time on engaging influencers

Available in 12 Asia Pacific countries

Expert campaign management

Samples carefully monitored

Customized campaign reports

Start a Campaign

Start a Campaign

Price Packages for Restaurant and Bars



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Media Outreach (Optional)

Do you want us to engage the media too? Pay only if we get results. Select the media below to see a sample media list.


$5000 per feature


$1000 per feature

Magazine / Newspaper

$1000 per feature

Media Websites

$500 per feature


$800 per feature

Press Release

$800 per press release

Sample List - TV
The Living Room
The Project
Weekend Sunrise
The Morning Show
Studio 10
Healthy Homes
Better Homes and Gardens
Make It Yours
Sample List - Radio
Nova 96.9
Today FM
Triple J
Triple M
ABC Radio
Sample List - Magazine / Newspaper
Eat Drink Play
Sydney Unleashed
Concrete Playground
Urban List Sydney
Time Out Sydney
Broadsheet Melbourne
Good Food
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Different Types of Exposures

When requesting to receive a food/ beverage product or dining experience, influencers must let us know how they will share this. Influencers are typically inclined to post a photo or review, however with PR Galleria you are able to set requirements to suit your marketing needs. Simply click below which type of exposures you would like us to brief influencers on.

Product / Dining Review

Reviews are applicable only in media channels and YouTube

Product / Dining Feature

Have your sample featured in product shots, flatlays or influencer selfies/ endorsements.


For takeaway restaurants, influencers will try your food on video while they chat to their audience.

Competition Giveaway

Provide an extra voucher for influencers to do a giveaway on their socials.

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Our Commitment

Pay Only for Results

Agency Managed Campaign

Save Costs and Time
Engaging Influencers and Media

Pre-approve Influencers
for the Campaign

Samples Carefully Monitored

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Influencer Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

Get a taste for real online exposure and start your campaign today with as few as five influencers. We have hundreds of vetted and location specific media, foodies and influencers on our books, who are genuinely interested in trying your food and drinks, and in exchange will post about their experience to their audience. With the right exposure, you can make your establishment the next hot spot in town. It’s as simple as setting your maximum budget and the social channels to appear in, and we do the rest!

Only pay based on results from every 5 pre-approved influencers posting about your venue.
* Excludes GST, postage or courier fees to influencers.


YouTube Feature





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