Pivo and PR Galleria’s Partnership Soars to Success with Online Influencer Campaign

Influencer marketing platform PR Galleria partnered with technology firm Pivo Inc. this year for an online influencer campaign for one of the smartphone accessory maker’s latest products. The campaign generated impressive numbers, proving once again that an authentic, well-thought-out and managed campaign would go a long way.

The campaign circled around Pivo’s Active Pods, which are intelligent smartphone mounts that rotate, track their subjects and keep them at the center of the frame. It had PR Galleria connecting Pivo with a host of influencers to experience the pods for themselves and share their take on them online.

The collaboration particularly focused on skaters, equestrians, and dancers to create more awareness around the brand. 

While the samples were provided for by the brands, the influencers were in no way under undue pressure and instead were given the creative freedom to authentically present their experience to their followers.

The influencers tried the motorized Pivo smartphone mounts for their photos and videos as they documented their activities, taking note of their pros and cons, including their ease of use, handle, transportability and reliability, among others. They then shared their experiences on their social media accounts, particularly on Instagram and Twitter, and news sites.

In data collated by PR Galleria, the response to the Pivo online influence campaign was a general success as it posted impressive numbers across different scales. 

The response garnered from the equestrian community showed:

  • Total number of video views for the campaign impressively passing over 203,200 views on social media;
  • The campaign was positively received, recording 11,224 engagements across target audience; and
  • The campaign reached a total of 215,200 people while receiving positive comments among the audiences and various news sites.

Meanwhile, coverage across PR Galleria’s key media and influencer categories, which include technology, fitness, equestrian, skater and dancers, was also great, showing:

  •   The online campaign reached a total of 590,500 people, and the campaign being received well with positive comments among audiences and various news sites;
  •   Total number of video views for the campaign impressively passed over 195,683 views on social media; and
  • The campaign was received positively, posting 10,562 engagements across target audiences.
First Campaign Combined Views
Second Campaign Combined Views

Still impressive, PR Galleria expects the numbers to increase further as there are still several pending coverage from other influencers to be included.

For brands looking to collaborate with an influencer marketing agency to get the word out about what they are offering, PR Galleria provides a viable platform.

With services rooted in building genuine relationships between brands and influencers, marketing campaigns are primed for the best possible results.

The successful partnership between PR Galleria and Pivo is one good example of this.

As Pivo was linked with influencers that were fit for what it was offering and knew what was expected from them, the campaign turned out to be on point.

And such thrust of PR Galleria of finding suitable collaborations to come up with online campaigns that are compact and natural is something that brand owners are well advised to tapping.


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