Working with Tech Influencers

There’s no denying that when new tech comes out, there is a flurry of excitement amongst consumers, as they share social media posts, put in their pre-orders, and react over unboxing videos and reveal articles. What creates this flurry is in fact the seeding of samples to key individuals who push out their opinions and reviews of a product.  

The hype and exposure around today’s tech market stems from the insights provided by industry experts. What is this new gadget all about? How impressive are the features? How is this different from the older version? People are curious and want questions answered.

These tech-experts, or influencers, are individuals with a decent following on their platforms — Instagram, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and whose content is focused on the latest technology. 

Recently, big brands are turning to these influencers as part of their marketing campaigns. This is because these individuals publish genuine content about the products they review. They have credible voices and highly engaged fans who believe in them and trust in their recommendations.

Digging further, we see these influencers speaking to their audiences in a very personable way. They talk about gadgets extensively, enumerating all the benefits and features of a single piece but not in an overly technical manner. They bring excitement to their audience by showing their authentic reaction to products and explicitly showing how and why they use them.

Influencers and tech-reviewers create a large impact to the retail industry, by promoting products with a sense of authenticity that builds brand awareness among audiences. The real value, however, comes from the fact that engagement rates can be up to 60% higher with influencers than with their celebrity counterparts (McKinnon, 2017).

From mobile apps to actual high-priced gadgets, brands continue to leverage on influencers because they work, and they serve as an extension of their branding. They don’t just promote the product; they help to foster a healthy relationship between their followers and the brands they promote.