Where influential people try products and share experiences

We enable brands and agencies to offer samples and experiences to a network of influencers and VIPs.
How a campaign works


Brands offer their latest product samples to hundreds of influencers seeking experiences.


Influencers submit requests via PR Galleria to receive enticing samples that are on offer.


PR Galleria is alerted of sample requests and facilitate delivery between brands and influencers.


Influencers and VIPs share their brand experiences via word of mouth or social media.

organic posts

Invite media and influencers to experience your product with the purpose of sharing it to their audience.


Gift your products or experiences to influencers and VIPs for a word of mouth campaign.

Paid PostS

Influencers pitch to brands for a paid post campaign related to the sample or experience available for trial.
Gain access to an exclusive list of influential people that are ready to trial and review your product. Imagine being able to reach influential people as one collective rather than individually through the power of technology. List your samples for free and we only charge when an influencer requests for it.
Imagine an automated sample send outs of launch titles as game codes or CDs for media and influencers. The same goes for new gadgets or apps. Reach a wider set of influencers who are into games, gadgets and apps.
Attract foodies, travel gurus and trendy social media experts when it comes to promoting your restaurant, bar or hotel. If you have a new menu, new interiors, or simply want a wider reach in social media, PR Galleria is the perfect platform to invite influencers to your venue.Our influencers have a huge and loyal community of followers who trust their recommendations.
Whether it be skincare, cosmetics, jewellery or fashion accessories, our platform is a sure-fire way for brands to gift their sample  to key influencers within the industry. PR Galleria is also an effective way for beauty and fashion specialists to gain access to a plethora of top tier brands in order to expand the spectrum of products they review.
The ultimate platform for influencers to the latest in premium and luxury vehicles. Imagine a diversity of influencers driving different cars during the weekends. We will offer premium and luxury cars to a lucky few like-minded and targeted influencers with a large social media audience.
From gifting movie tickets, the latest bestselling book, or entry to a gig in concert or theatrical experiences, PR Galleria creates a sense of excitement around around what is on show. If you are a major entertainment brand, publisher, or events company looking to get the right crowd of influencers to build hype around your event or product, then PR Galleria has you sorted.
Home and living can range anywhere from bedding, to home decor, to kitchen appliances. At PR Galleria, we provide to you the right social media influencers who create their own content to showcase through their platform your latest product, reaching to your demographic audience.
PR Galleria opens up the health and fitness industry to key influencers and decision makers within the traditional and social media spheres. Brands can set the pace by pushing out their products to individuals known to set the latest trends in fitness and healthy. In addition to this, our platform is a great way for fitness and health-conscious influencers to build rapport with major brands in the industry, and gain access to products that they resonate with.
Got a sample product or experience for media and influencers. Do you want a select few, hundreds or thousands of media and influencers vying for it? From exclusive items to fast moving consumer products, we can sample these to the right media and influencers.
Access to established brands and their offer of free samples and experiences! PR Galleria matches influencer interests with samples and experiences, opening you up to a world of possibilities. Get notified about the latest campaigns and create new content for your followers.
Request for samples and experiences that is exciting for with the purpose of sharing it to your audience.
Pitch to brands for a paid post campaigns related to the sample or experience you have requested for.
Some brands want to simply gift you with samples of their products or experience!
Coming soon!
PR Galleria opens up a world of opportunity for brands, their agencies and influencers. Brands and agencies looking to widen influencer interactions beyond their usual pool can use PR Galleria. Influencers also benefit by engaging with more brands and new experiences that are on offer

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